Approvals & Ordinances

Approvals and Ordinances

Establishment Approval: Maharishi Arvind Global University (MAGU) was established in 2016 under the Maharishi Arvind Global University Group of Institutions, following the fulfillment of all regulatory requirements and obtaining necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.

Affiliation: MAGU is affiliated with the [appropriate government regulatory body or university accreditation board] for the various programs it offers, ensuring adherence to academic standards and guidelines set forth by the accrediting agency.

Program Approvals: a. Engineering: All engineering programs offered by MAGU are approved by the [appropriate regulatory authority], ensuring the curriculum meets the standards set for technical education. b. Pharmacy: The pharmacy programs offered by MAGU are approved by the [appropriate pharmaceutical regulatory body], ensuring compliance with regulations related to pharmacy education and practice. c. Medical Sciences: Medical science programs offered by MAGU adhere to the guidelines and standards set by the [appropriate medical council or authority], ensuring quality education in the field of medical sciences. d. Management: MAGU’s management programs are approved by the [relevant management education regulatory body], ensuring the curriculum meets the standards required for business education. e. Computer Applications: The computer applications programs offered by MAGU are approved by the [appropriate IT education regulatory body], ensuring alignment with industry standards and technological advancements. f. Other Disciplines: Programs in Hotel Management, Education, Physical Education, Vocational Courses, Allied Sciences, Arts, and Commerce offered by MAGU adhere to the guidelines set by the respective regulatory bodies governing these fields.

Quality Assurance: MAGU is committed to maintaining high academic standards and quality assurance mechanisms as per the guidelines provided by [appropriate quality assurance agency or accreditation body].

Continuing Education: MAGU promotes lifelong learning and professional development by offering continuing education programs and certifications in various fields, ensuring relevance to industry needs and career advancement opportunities.

Research and Innovation: MAGU encourages research and innovation through its academic and research programs, fostering a culture of inquiry, discovery, and knowledge creation among its faculty and students.

Student Grievance Redressal: MAGU has established mechanisms for addressing student grievances promptly and fairly, ensuring a conducive learning environment and student satisfaction.

Financial Aid and Scholarships: MAGU provides financial aid and scholarship opportunities to deserving students based on merit and need, enabling access to higher education for all socio-economic backgrounds.

These approvals and ordinances are in accordance with the mission and vision of Maharishi Arvind Global University to provide quality education and contribute to the nation’s growth in the modern era.