1. Well-Appointed Accommodation: Our hostels provide well-appointed rooms that are spacious, clean, and furnished with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for students. Each room is designed to offer privacy and a conducive environment for studying and resting.

2. Separate Accommodation for Boys and Girls: MAGU ensures separate hostel accommodation for male and female students, with strict security measures in place to ensure safety and privacy. We prioritize the well-being and security of our students, and our hostel arrangements reflect this commitment.

3. 24/7 Security and Surveillance: The safety and security of our students are paramount. Therefore, our hostels are equipped with 24/7 security personnel and surveillance systems to monitor the premises and ensure a safe living environment.

4. Nutritious and Hygienic Dining Facilities: We understand the importance of healthy nutrition in supporting students’ academic endeavors. Our hostels provide nutritious and hygienic dining facilities, serving a variety of balanced meals to cater to different dietary preferences and requirements.

5. Common Areas for Recreation and Study: In addition to accommodation facilities, our hostels offer common areas for recreation and study. Students can unwind and socialize in designated recreational spaces, as well as utilize study rooms and libraries for academic pursuits.

6. Wi-Fi Connectivity: To facilitate uninterrupted learning and connectivity, our hostels are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi internet access. Students can stay connected with their academic resources and loved ones, enhancing their overall experience on campus.

7. Laundry and Housekeeping Services: We provide laundry and housekeeping services to ensure cleanliness and hygiene within the hostel premises. Regular maintenance and cleanliness routines are carried out to uphold the highest standards of living for our students.

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